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From the framework of nomadic thinking and learning, KASK & Conservatoire is building practical, methodological and infrastructural teaching expertise that will be deployed both on-campus and off-campus. From now until September 2023, we will explore all possibilities of innovative teaching methods within the project of the Nomadic School of Arts.

For us, nomadism means, on the one hand, the philosophical idea described by Deleuze (1972) and Braidotti (2004): the pursuit of deconstructing conventional norms and values and building an identity that is constantly shifting and changing. On the other hand, we consider nomadism as a concrete pedagogical tool for off-campus activities: hands-on and off-grid nomadic experiments take place throughout the academic year.

Here, inclusion, nomadic education and modular learning go hand in hand and reinforce each other both off- and on-campus.

Everyone (all students and staff) is welcome to contribute to this by submitting projects, thinking along or lending a helping hand!

The Nomadic School of Arts project can take place thanks to additional resources from Europe (NextGenerationEU) that have been poured into the Voorsprongfonds within Flanders: an opportunity (literally and figuratively) to get a head start on one’s own educational development.

Interested? Take a quick look!

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The project thus takes a two-fold approach. It encourages teachers and students to experiment nomadically outside the campus with new contents and methods in art education. At the same time, the NSA examines the institutional capacity to make higher art education more diverse and inclusive through scans, intervision processes and professionalisation activities.

Everyone (all students and staff) is welcome to contribute by submitting (experimental) projects and activities, to think along or to lend a hand.

All project proposals that fall within this framework are welcome! Do you have a clear idea? Then click on ‘I want to submit a project’ at the bottom and fill in the template.

We look at each application carefully and assess them on criteria such as relevancy, need, community building, educational activity, reasonableness and innovation. The deadline for the final round is 16 January 2023! You will get feedback before the end of the month.

Would you like more information? Click on ‘I want more information’ and you will be directed to our teams page! There you can also find all the documents in English.

Do you have no idea yourself (yet), but would you like to contribute to a project, work as a volunteer at an event or help build the various off-campus locations? Then sign up quickly by clicking on ‘I want to sign up as a volunteer’.

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Off-campus activities can take place in an infinite number of locations, here are already a few:

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Want to know when public activities are taking place within the Nomadic School of Arts? Then check out this calendar! Would you like to add something to the calendar yourself? Then email the coordinator.

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Follow all (experimental) projects, activities and the latest news here!