Projects round 1 announced!

On the deadline of June 06, 25 projects came in, from all programs. In the weeks that followed, the project team (Blanckaert, Roodenburg and Smet) looked at each application and assessed them on criteria such as relevance, necessity, community building, educational activity, reasonableness and innovation. In addition, they took into account the conditions of the Voorsprongfonds (including a focus on the sustainability of experiments), the proposed guidelines, the objectives of the project and the temporary (!) available budget. Some projects needed some additional explanation. The following projects were accepted (in full or partial version) (in order of submission):


Naam project/activiteit  Contactpersoon  Betrokken traject(en) 
Making the World More Rather Than Less Real i.s.m. Heidi Ballet  Laura Herman  Curatorial studies 
Interdisciplinaire minor: KASK & Conservatorium als meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap i.s.m. Tim Joye  Glenn Deliege  Minor staat open voor alle opleidingen 
Minor nomadisch bouwen i.s.m. ConstructLab  Wouter Decorte  Minor staat open voor alle opleidingen 
Soundroutes i.s.m. Graffiti vzw en De Koer  Senne Guns (Vincent Pierins) en An de Bisschop  Jazz, Pop en Muziekproductie en EDUMA Muziek 
Bridging Schools project Being/s on Sites — Wezen/s op Plaatsen (werktitel)   Heike Langsdorf  Performance 

* Vindt nog deze zomer plaats! 

Nomadische themadagen Interieurvormgeving  Steven Neetens  Interieurvormgeving 
Summerschool bootcamp theorie Muziek  Sandra Van der Gucht  Klassieke Muziek  

* Vindt nog deze zomer plaats! 

Projectweek Watersportbaan i.s.m. CAMPUS Atelier, de Koer, VIERNULVIER (De Vooruit) & het Stadsatelier, UGent Architectuur & Stedenbouw, UGent Sociale Pedagogie, Team Stadsbouwmeester Gent, Académie Royal de Bozar de Brussel – Ecole Supérieure darts (ARBA-ESA)  Elly van Eeghem  Autonome vormgeving 
Projectweek Museum Dr. Guislain, i.s.m. Museum en psychiatrie Dr. Guislain, Soft Connection Lab, MoMu Antwerpen en Kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg  Helena de Smet et al.   Mode/Textiel/Auto V/Onderzoeksgroep Soft Connection Lab 
KASKFilms in Mosul  Pascal Poissonnier  Film 
Minor Artist and Citizen – experimentele tentoonstellingspraktijken  Bram Van Damme  Minor BA2 en BA3 Vrije kunsten 

With some projects we are still discussing the feasibility and sustainability. Therefore they were not yet included in the overview. As you can see, the projects have school-wide representation (education committees, departments, professional and academic ba/ma), although strictly speaking this is not a criterion for selection.

The next round ends on October 10, 2022. For the 2nd round (10.10.2022), we want to focus more explicitly on projects related to educational development and lifelong learning (think modular learning, in-service training programs, pre-training programs and summer schools). The selection committee (now consisting of Blanckaert, Roodenburg and Smet) will be supplemented by two members of the Education Council as from the second round.

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