The Painterly Deed

A deed is something you do on purpose, with emphasis, for all to see.  

Its tenor, frequency and scope may vary but a deed is never innocent. 

From this stance, we want to invite students to leave the studio and enter in dialogue with an individual, a community or the landscape shaped by them.

Using some poignant examples that address the nomadic nature of the artist, we want to draw students out of their comfort zone and introduce them to factors that can give the artistic process a new dynamic. 

In The Painterly Deed, students will be challenged to examine their surroundings with a new gaze and come to a pertinent statement through a correctly formulated intervention.  

In doing so, we want to fuel their sense of responsibility, bring them closer to the necessity of practice and make them more resilient for the moments when there will be no studio, no exhibition space or no materials available. 

The project consists of lectures, studio visits, field trips, an exhibition and a publication.

Image: André Cadere – Barred Colours

Date: Academic year 2022-2023

Location:KASK & Conservatorium and off-campus

More information: Paul Casaer