Nomadic Activities March & April

We wrote it before, the Nomadic School is alive! March and April are full of nomadic initiatives, lectures, projects, workshops, exhibitions and performances. The listing already speaks volumes:

16 maart 2023 | Critical debate Tot in de Stad! around Art and temporarity (14:00h @ Arsenaalsite)  

17 maart 2023 | Symposium Art and Sound (16:00h @ Cirque) + opening expo Think tank on Experiencing Art in Public Space (18:00h)  

21 maart 2023 | EXPO opening The Professional Fool of series The Painterly Deed (18:00 uur, @ De Zwarte Zaal)  

20-24 maart 2023Interdisciplinaire projectweek It’s About Time!  

  • Every day at 18:00h, showing of OPERA APERTA (@ de Vloer, Kunsttoren, internal)
  • Tuesday 18:00h, TALK of Khaled Jarrar and Sander Buyck (@ Auditorium Eysselinck)
  • Wednesday 18:30h, Arsenaalsite, showing IN SITU COMPOSITION with David Helbich
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdaymorning (9:30 uur): Lecutres in the framework of BREEKWEEK (@ Arsenaalsite)
  • Friday 16:00h: SHOWING Projectweek Public Space by Elly Van Eeghem (@ Neermeersen)
  • Friday 17:00h: SHOWING Pandgang by Emilie De Vlam (@ Het Pand)
  • Friday 18:00h:
      • SHOWING Projectweek Public Space by Elly Van Eeghem (@ Neermeersen)
      • PROCESSION Taring Padi (leaving at S.M.A.K.)
  • Friday 19:00h: KARAOKE en Eindfeest op de Bijloke (met Taring Padi)
  • Friday 20:00h: SHOWING Projectweek Public Space by Elly Van Eeghem (@ Neermeersen
  • See also the agenda:

31 maart 2023 | FINAL SHOWING ART STAND | 10:00h (@ Vrijdagsmarkt)

20 april 2023 | Experimental Dinner KASNSA | 19:00 uur (@ Rijsbrugge)

21-22 april 2023 | Expo SANTOSANTO of the minor Artist & Citizen (@ Santo De Porre)  

27 april 2023Reflection day That’s it (no) more? (15:00 uur @ De Zwarte Zaal) 

27 april 2023 | Film screening KASNSA | 19:00 uur (@ Rijsbrugge)

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