Symposium: Art and Sound in Public Space
The think tank on experiencing art in public space is providing a platform for Melissa Ryke (Australian sound artist currently based in Brussels) and Raf Enckels (coordinator of the Herculeslab at KASK) to organise a symposium entitled “Art and Sound in Public Space” to explore the relationship between art and sound in public places; Symposium: art and sound in public space.
Who sounds? Who listens? 
Whose noise? Whose body? 
What reverberates? 
What reflects and refracts? 
What absorbs? What slips through? 
What echoes? What fades and is lost? 
What is gained and amplified? 
What effects, what affects? 
What is its trajectory? 
Sound is a slippery material; invisible vibrations that can permeate spaces, changing meaning depending on the listener and the context, revealing qualities of space and place that may be hidden from the eye. Sound making and listening practices that are enacted or diffused in public space can vary in form and appear as; field recordings, installations, performances, sound or music making and sound walks (to name a few). Each practice brings with it a certain listening politics and its own temporality. This symposium brings together a group of practising artists and researchers to reflect and expand on the different perspectives of making art and sound in public space. 
(c) Giada Cicchetti

Date: 17 maart 2023, 16:00-18:00h.

Location: Cirque, KASK Bijloke

More info via: Angelique Campens

In collaboration with Melissa Ryke and Raf Enckels


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