KASK & Conservatorium

Within HOGENT, the School of Arts educates young and creative artists, musicians and designers, who develop their own designs, sounds or visual images as part of a personal practice.

This practice is at the core of the education. The students learn to create and produce, on their own and together, by continuously creating work in an authentic learning environment.

The School of Arts stimulates research within this creative process, both in the Bachelor and Master’s courses. Students are trained to be independent and inquiring makers.

Students are given theoretical frames of reference with which to critically reflect within their practice as well as about how their practice fits into society.

The School of Arts functions as a community, in which students learn from each other informally in co-creation.

There is an interdisciplinary openness between the various courses.

The School of Arts has strong local roots but also works from an international perspective.

Everything that goes on within the campuses is closely bound up with society. The many professional fields for which the School of Arts’ courses prepare students are reflected in these courses. The School of Arts nurtures a responsibility among its students to promote a critical, creative and open society through their work.

The Nomadic School of Arts is a project within KASK & Conservatorium and benefits educational development throughout the school.


KASK & Conservatorium