Toilets as (a) meeting space

Dear toilet user,

Welcome to the Horta toilet.

This is where I want to reconnect with you.

Through a marker and the toilet walls, I want to share stories, ask questions, read and listen.

Grab a marker and join the conversation.

What if… we turn the Horta toilets into a meeting/safe(r) space?

Both we as a group, and all other toilet users are needed to create a meeting/safe(r) space.

They also provide the atmosphere, to make everyone feel safe.

Looking for a place where people can meet and have the space to dialogue with each other.

Want to help or need more info? Contact Charlotte Callens.

Courtesy of and in collaboration with:

Marie Decreton
Danylo Kovalenko
Thibeau Kindt

Date: During semester II

Location: Horta Toilets

Joning and more information via: Charlotte Callens