Toilets as (a) meeting space

Dear toilet user,

Welcome to the Horta toilet.

This is where I want to reconnect with you.

Through a marker and the toilet walls, I want to share stories, ask questions, read and listen.

Grab a marker and join the conversation.

What if… we turn the Horta toilets into a meeting/safe(r) space?

Both we as a group, and all other toilet users are needed to create a meeting/safe(r) space.

They also provide the atmosphere, to make everyone feel safe.

Looking for a place where people can meet and have the space to dialogue with each other.

Claime every space as an exhibition space.

Want to help or need more info? Contact Charlotte Callens.

Courtesy of and in collaboration with:

Marie Decreton
Danylo Kovalenko
Thibeau Kindt
(c) Giada Cicchetti

Date: During semester II

Location: Horta Toilets

Joning and more information via: Charlotte Callens

in collaboration with: