A different focus also requires a different place. A different place leads to different insights, a more varied vision, constant inspiration and constant questioning. More often than ever, boundaries are sought between various (art) disciplines. The aim of this project week is also for us to step outside the joints of and break with our field. During this BREEKWEEK, we break with what we know and are taught. From 21 to 23 March, nine speakers, or thus breakers, in their own break, show how they step outside the boundaries of their field. They will each show in their own way how they work interdisciplinarily, where they draw inspiration and what goals they still have in mind. In addition, each speaker’s story will be immortalised live in sketches made by an illustrator.

We would like to invite all students from all KASK courses to this lecture series of 9 speakers spread over 3 days. This lecture series is organised within It’s About Time! , the interdisciplinary project week organised from Nomadic School of Arts.

(c) Giada Cicchetti

Date: 20-23 maart

Location: Arsenaalsite

Joning and more information via: Miguel Nicque

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