De Arsenaalsite

The Arsenal site is a 12 hectare site, derelict (industrial) land, or former workshop of the NBMS, in the Moscou-Vogelhoek district: located near the E17 and the N9 (Brusselsesteenweg). Since 2020 on the market, the site was finally bought by Arsenal 3PK, an agglomeration of Monument Group, Danneels and Quva.

In anticipation of the final urban development of ‘The Arsenal’, a temporary use will be sought by cultural partners, sports activities, catering and community work.

KASK & Conservatorium will participate in the temporary filling of the Arsenaal site as part of the Nomadic School of Arts, in collaboration with various large and small cultural players in the field in Ghent, who unite in a Culture Platform. The spaces offer great possibilities, think of the organization of a film screening, lectures and debates, temporary creation and presentation areas, in situ performances, workshops, mobile studios, landscape design, (open) rehearsals, music theatrical performances, lab activities, etc…

The Nomadic School of Arts takes the Arsenal site as it is, for better or worse. In the in-between space, under a glorious spring sun, as well as on a winter night in a chilly shed. The spaces are not transformed into a facility, into something that already exists. The site is the artwork, the sculpture, which is sculpted again and again into a different form, sometimes unambiguous, sometimes complex.

The operation of the Nomadic School of Arts on the site grows from within. It has a permanent base (Hall 8, northern or southern section) for meeting and building together, which can expand and contract organically over time, in relationship and co-creation with other residents and the neighborhood.

Do you have an idea for a project or activity at the Arsenal site? Then submit your idea soon or ask Aike for more info!