Minor Artist & Citizen

Working on other locations means that participants’ self-efficacy is constantly triggered, and they learn to better anticipate what the arts field has to offer after their education.

In the minor Artist & Citizen, participants are given the initiative and support to curate show moments of their own, but outside the familiar environment of the studios. They are invited to respond to the many (in-between) spaces as found in a nomadic school, both on and off campus, and work out a targeted intervention in function of a given situation.

The starting point here is how to incorporate the gaze of outsiders in your individual artistic research, and how, as peers among themselves, you try to give your own interpretation to the triangular relationship between artist, context and curator.

The expo, SANTO SANTO, takes place at:

Santo Gentbrugge & Arsenal site, 21-22 April 2023

21 april from 18:00h, 22 april from14:00h.

(c) Dimitri Nassar & Sam Debuysere

Date: 21-22 april 2023

Location:  Santo Gentbrugge & Arsenaalsite

More information via:Bram Van Damme


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