Minor Nomadic building

Students from different trajectories/disciplines give a very good dynamic, everyone has different skills and looks for how to use them in a group project.

In the Nomadic Building Minor, students can learn about modular and circular building. We create designs for adaptable, quickly set up and growing spaces and furniture that can be useful in the nomadic school.

We also create models, and test them out in studios in the School of Arts, refine them and prepare plans to put this into production.

Students from different directions can participate in this group work. Each can use their qualities. Designers and artists can work together in social and participatory ways to create one flexible and ever-adaptable system. We work in groups, allowing each to work out his specialization (e.g. working off grid). Of course we will test out the construction at different locations.

Image: WARP Coup de Ville – Adrien Tirtiaux

(c) Wouter Decorte & Michiel Devijver

Date: Academic year 2022-2023

Location:KASK & Conservatorium and off-campus

Registrations via: Students of the KASK & Conservatory can register for this minor in the usual way: through iBamaflex “Nomadic Building” under the Nomadic school of arts, or contact your study supervisor.

More information: Wouter Decorte

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