Welcome reception NSA on Arsenaalsite

On Friday 23.09 we will kick off the activities of the Nomadic school of arts at the Arsenal site with a reception! Join us around five o’clock and find out everything you need to know about the site and the Nomadic School of Arts. There you will get a drink (or two), a short explanation and a sound poetry / music performance by alumnus Elliott Harrison. In the coming weeks (until 09.10), Cultuurplatform Arsenaal will organize all sorts of activities and events on the site.

When: Friday 23.09 at 17:00
Where: Arsenal site, entrance Brusselsesteenweg 602.
What: Reception, explanation Nomadic school of arts and sound poetry performance by alumnus Elliott Harrison
More information: https://nomadic.schoolofartsgent.be/ and https://arsenaal.site/


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