No Barriers for Music

With No Barriers for Music, we want to broaden and deepen the admission and progression at our school and for our study programme in particular, i.e. make it more inclusive and diverse, by developing a preparation process that increases the chances of everyone passing the entrance exams.

Together with partners from formal education and institutions active in non-formal and informal education, we want to develop a step-by-step plan for an innovative learning platform that should significantly increase the chances of passing admission tests.

For this, we want to collaborate with actors from music education, both secondary and higher education, as well as various cultural organisations, such as:

  • MUDA, secondary education course in music and dance 
  • PXL-Music, professional bachelor in music 
  • Educational master in music and performing arts
  • Intercultural organisations
  • Part-time Arts Education institutions (DKO) from the Ghent region

The project starts from HOGENT’s own educational vision of the School of Arts and contributes to the specific profiling that the school aims for and sees as absolutely relevant. What is special is that work is also being done to involve both a professional School of Arts (PXL Music), an educational master’s in music, an arts secondary school (MUDA) and the DKO together in this project. 

(c) Vincent Pierins

Date: Academic year 2022-23

Location: Several locations

Registrations and information via: Maarten Weyler

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