Nomadische themadagen Interieurvormgeving

By getting out of our comfort zone, substantive issues were approached with a certain “gentleness,” patience and understanding.

Our first nomadic activity has started!

On Monday the 30rd and Tuesday the 31st of May, the colleagues from Interior Design will be working on the Vynckier site for two days as part of their Nomadic Theme Days.

Since the weekend, everyone has been working hard to make the site workable and presentable. There was a lot of cleaning, moving and preparation. Since Sunday evening, the second floor of the Manchester building has been set up in various ways: there is a plenary section for seminars and workshops, there are various “roundtable” set-ups for in-depth discussions, there is a long series of tables for presenting the various training components, and downstairs the bar of the Kompass club is used for meetings and relaxation moments (see the photos for a first impression).

The next two days will be spent working on the implementation of the nomadic mindset in the ID curriculum and the Nomadic school of arts was also extensively explained by the coordinator.

With thanks to Revive and Kompass Klub.

Thanks to all colleagues!