WAYANG KARDUS (by Taring Padi)

Taring Padi will be present during the project week following the KASK lecture on Thursday 23 March. Invited by It’s About Time…!, they will work out a workshop for students and teachers from all programmes within _School of Arts.

Bring your own cardboard! Preferably as big and sturdy as possible….

In summer 2020, the delayed Documenta 15 in Kassel, Germany, Taring Padi staged 1,200 cardboard puppets as part of presentation of the collective’s 20 years plus proses of learning and working together with diverse communities. Taring Padi employed Documenta 15 as a platform of action and solidarity: campaigning issues related to diversity and tolerance as well as building international solidarity network. The puppets were produced through a series of workshop with communities and groups in Indonesia, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The art collective of Taring Padi was founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1998 by a group of progressive art students and activists in respond to the Indonesian socio-political upheavals during the reformation era. Consequently, Taring Padi’s artistic practice is always part of and contextualises within socio-political and cultural action and solidarity with wide range communities and social groups, working on diverse issues such as anti-militarism and neoliberalism; human right abuse, gender equality; environment and social justice. Taring Padi’s works and solidarity actions are manifested in collective works in the form of woodcut poster, large size banner, rontek, cardboard puppet, music, carnival and other progressive art actions.  

(c) Giada Cicchetti & Sam De Buysere

Date: Wednesday 22 up until Friday the 24th of March

Location: S.M.A.K., café / ROOM 1 and procession to KASK Bijloke

Joning and more information via: Samira El Khadraoui

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