Autumn Academy: It is part XLII of an assemblage

Open call Autumn Academy: It is part XLII of an assemblage

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, 06-08 October 2023

From 06-08 October 2023, KASK & Conservatorium will organise an Autumn Academy in Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (MDD) as part of the Nomadic School of Arts project. During this weekend, the entire museum and sculpture garden will be at the disposal of 15 students from all departments within KASK & Conservatorium.

Concretely this entails that students (Bachelor and Master) from KASK & Conservatorium will gather over a long weekend in MDD under the guidance of It is part of an ensemble to theoretically and practically explore the question: who and what are we talking about when we say “we”? 

During this Autumn Academy, the concept of “collectivity” is explored and expanded by linking it to current socio-ecological issues. The programme covers three days of co-living and co-working, creating (temporary) relationships, connections and rhythms – in the context of a museum. By cooking, eating, sleeping (the museum garden will be used as a camping site) studying, working  and doing performative exercises together in the context of a museum – using the museum as an academy – theoretical questions become porous. As Anna Tsing puts it: “Experiment in form and argument follow each other.” Joint theoretical and practical research will ultimately lead up to a final public presentation on Sunday 27 August.

The Autumn Academy is led by members of It is part of an ensemble in collaboration with KASK’s Performance department and Laurens Otto, curator MDD.



Friday 06 October
Friday afternoon: gathering at KASK & Conservatory (Campus Bijloke). Introduction and public screening film It is part XXX of an ensemble, and this ensemble is no longer necessarily ceremonial (2021) by It is part of an ensemble.
Friday evening: transport to MDD, joint dinner, setting up sleeping accomodations

Saturday, 07 October
Saturday morning: discussion of texts from a reader that is distributed in advance
Saturday afternoon: artistic activities and experimental workshops
Saturday evening: joint cooking and eating. Continuation of various deployed exercises and preparation of public presentation.

Sunday 08 October
Sunday morning: preparation of presentation
Sunday afternoon 14:00: public presentation
Sunday afternoon: joint reflection and conclusion
Transport back to KASK & Conservatory (Campus Bijloke)


It is part of an ensemble

It is part of an ensemble (FKA Networked Collective) is a non-permanent group of about thirty artists, theatre-makers, actors, performers, theoreticians and students who do residencies together and make exhibitions, performances and publications. Collectively, they research the relationship between the social process of working and living together and the formal autonomous qualities of the outcomes.

The work of It is part of an ensemble  has been exhibited over the last four years in De Garage, Mechelen; Emergent, Veurne; Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle; Museum De Pont, Tilburg; Hard Space, Basel (CH); Fondazione 107, Turin (IT); Skaftfell, Centre of Visual Arts, Seydisfjordur (IS); Dürst Britt and Mayhew, The Hague; Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam.


A collaboration between:
KASK & Conservatorium
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Made possible by:
Nomadic School of Arts
Stichting Jan en Lieve Andries-Vanlouwe



  • Application deadline: 30th of September 23:59, confirmation of participation will follow shortly after
  • The Autumn Academy is open to students of KASK & Conservatory, from all departments, both bachelor and master
  • Participation is free, but sleeping equipment must be provided (air mattress, sleeping bag). Overnight stays in the museum’s Sculpture Garden are possible if you bring a tent. If this is difficult to arrange or if you have other preferences, please indicate this when you register and we will look at the possibilities. 
  • A communal meal will be provided on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon & evening and Sunday afternoon
  • Transport from KASK & Conservatory (Campus Bijloke) to MDD (Museumlaan 14, Deurle) on Friday evening and MDD back to KASK & Conservatory (Campus Bijloke) on Sunday afternoon will be provided.
  • MDD has toilets, and 2 showers, but the accommodation remains ‘festival-ish’
  • Attendance from Friday to Sunday is required
  • Registration via: link

Date: 06 – 08 October

Location: Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

We start & end at Campus Bijloke (KASK & Conservatorium)

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