Focusgroup announced!

A sounding board group was established! The various OCVZs and FGMs provided input, after which we started contacting them. We looked for a representation of the different disciplines, internal and external members, OP and ATP and of course the expertise needed to assist the Nomadic school of arts. The members of the sounding board group assist the project team (Joris Blanckaert, project leader, Aike Roodenburg, project coordinator and Valérie Smet, educational development as of September 1) by meeting six-weekly, giving substantive input and especially providing advice. The members of the sounding board group with summary bios in random order:

Jo Boonen, researcher within the LTA program, KASK & Conservatory (internal) 

Toon Heyndrickx, lecturer in the Interior Design course, KASK & Conservatory (internal) 

David Van Bunder, researcher Research centre for learning in Diversity, HOGENT (intern) 

Pascal Poissonnier, lecturer in the film department, KASK & Conservatory (intern) 

Carolina Maciel de França, lecturer in the drama department, KASK & Conservatoire (intern) 

Suzy Castermans, librarian Art Library, KASK & Conservatory (internal) 

Frauke Velghe, staff member Internationalisation, KASK & Conservatoire (internal) 

Elke Couchez, researcher intersection architecture, visual studies, history and pedagogy, UHasselt 

Sofie Joye, innovation and development, with expertise in the performing arts  

Kaat Hermans, (ex) street worker and signal worker (City of) Ghent 

Danielle van Zuijlen, curator and artistic coordinator Kunsthal Gent, Tot in de Stad! 

Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, multimedia artist, photographer and curator 

Khalid Benhaddou, Islam, opinion maker and author in Ghent 

Joris Blanckaert, project manager Nomadic school of arts (internal) 

Aike Roodenburg, project coordinator NSA (internal) 

Valérie Smet, educational development for NSA (internal) 

Bart Van Theemse, coordinator of the Voorsprongfonds from HOGENT (internal)  

The focus group will meet for the first time in early September.

Their findings will be shared via the teampage NSA. 

Photo by: Charlotte Danielse