Update off-campus locations

As you saw in the ominous message of May 11, hall 11 burned down. This was followed by a treaty from our own Mayor and talks between Revive (temporary fill-in), Arsenal 3PK (agglomeration of Danneels, Monument Group and Quva) and the City. The conclusion is that Revive will withdraw from the collaboration and that Arsenaal 3PK will take responsibility for the temporary infill.

KASK & Conservatorium will participate in the temporary filling of the Arsenaal site in the context of the Nomadic School of Arts, in collaboration with various large and small cultural players in the Ghent field, who unite in a platform called Cultuurplatform Arsenaalsite. This culture platform took flight and appointed a coordinator (Emile De Schryver) to supervise the start-up of the culture platform and the temporary fill-in at Arsenaalsite.

It is still all very uncertain, but the wish is to be able to use the site for events in the late summer of 2022, after which we will work towards a temporary location (at least 5 years!) on the site from the spring of 2023.

In the meantime, a first Nomadic experiment has already taken place on the Vynckier site (under the responsibility of project developer Revive), we visited De Stadsmakers (website under construction) and BROEI, we contacted the coordinator of temporary infill Emma Tytgadt (City of Ghent) and we spoke to the Director of Real Estate (City of Ghent). Just to say: we continue to actively look for alternative locations, experimental white space and off-grid/off-campus possibilities.

Do you have an idea? Then feel free to email us! 

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