Think Tank on Experiencing Art in Public Space

A POST Think Tank Session: ART IN THE PARKING LOT with wim goes.

Date: September 27th, Time: 10 AM – 1 PM

Join us for our post think tank session on September 27th, as we delve into the world of art in public spaces. Inspired by the visionary minds of parking magnates Charlie Depauw and Claude De Clercq, who collaborated with renowned sculptor Jacques Moeschal in 1966, we will explore the integration of art into car parks and its impact on the public. At the entrance of Twee Poorten Parking in Brussels, Moeschal’s sculptures stood as a testament to the intersection of art and automobiles. With two sculptures remaining together while a third was moved to Zaventem airport, and a wall relief created for Parking 58 in Brussels. These projects exemplify the diverse interests of the sculptor and the innovative vision of Depauw and De Clercq. By introducing art into parking lots and other public spaces, we provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience, exposing individuals who may not typically visit museums to art. Our previous explorations have taken us through art in metro stations, squares, and along highways, and now we turn our attention to car parks as platforms for artistic endeavors. In this workshop, we aim to engage in a collaborative brainstorming session. We will look at other inspiring contemporary examples and consider how public spaces like parking lots can be utilized as dynamic platforms for integrating artworks.

We will go beyond mere visual observations, seeking to actively experience the relationship between art, architecture, and the environment. By immersing ourselves in the setting of art and architecture, we anticipate unique exchanges and insights exclusive to each location. We invite students, theorists, and anyone passionate about the intersection of art and public spaces to join us on September 27th. Through engaging dialogues and collective exploration, we hope to discover captivating interactions and gain valuable insights that will shape the future of art in parking lots and beyond.


This project (or: curriculum) – Think Tank on Experiencing Art in Public Space – focuses on the connection between art, architecture and society and wants to explore those relationships together with students. More specifically, it wants to examine the relevance of art in the public space, what it can do for society, and its educational value.

The project is primarily based on experiencing art and architecture (and its interactions) in the public space in real life (in situ), rather than through an image. With the underlying idea that by experiencing art and architecture, exchanges take place that are only possible in situ. This approach is in line with what architecture critic Juhani Pallasmaa argues in his introduction “The Eyes of the Skin.” According to him, multiple senses are needed to experience architecture and sculpture which cannot be achieved by viewing an image.

For this reason, we will move outside with the students and organise classes close to specific key works in public spaces. Here we will also brainstorm about art in public space and whether it is possible to measure “whether art in public space can contribute to educational well-being.” The above concepts will be addressed together with students as well as teachers, sociologists, residents, architects and artists.


ART AND PAVILIONS IN PUBLIC SPACE Wednesday 7th of december, 2022 @ De Stadshal, Gent

ART IN THE SUBWAY: Wednesday 21st of december, 2022 @ Brussels South at 10 am

ART ALONG THE HIGHWAY: Wednesday 25th of January, 2023 @ Aalbeke

ART IN SOCIAL HOUSING: Wednesday 22 February and 8 March, Renaat Braem, synthesis of the arts and Kiel. Experts: Vlad Ionescu and Pascal Gielen

ART IN THE PARKING LOT: Wednesday 27th of September @ Twee Poorten Parking Brussel

(c) Angelique Campens & Michiel Devijver

Date: 27 september

Location: Twee Poorten Parking in Brussel

Registrations and information via: Angelique Campens


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