Please Close Your Eyes

We believe that new music, and art in general, must be perceived purely as an experience. The performance, playing with what your brain is thinking and what your soul is perceiving and desiring, stimulates you to be part of the experience, create a community, share the space and live with the music at that moment. It is composition that is made for an audience and with the audience. A relation that is formed in the space and only exists in the space.

“Please close your eyes” is a performance for 6 audience members and 6 performers where one performer act also as a mediator. The performers are expected to form a diverse group. Those who participate in the project are not required to have musical training. The aim is to work together to define the performance’s musical and performative aspects. It is important to establish a bond of trust between each member of the group and to share the common goal: to achieve a calm, ritualistic atmosphere, in which the audience can feel safe and free to relax and explore.

Please Close Your Eyes is realised in collaboration with the Nomadic School of Arts and Radical House.

First rehearsal period + performance: 17-23 April

@ Radical House, Luikenaarsstraat 2, Brussel.

Registrations and information via: Anders Herrebaut & Anita Cappuccinelli