Results project round 3

Over the past few weeks, the Nomad School of Arts selection team has been working hard to review, assess and feedback on the 25 (!!!) project applications submitted.

The projects were assessed on criteria such as relevance, need, community building and impact, connection to education, reasonableness, sustainability and innovation. Also taken into account were the conditions of the Leading Fund (including focus on sustainability of experiments), the predefined outlines, the objectives of the project and the temporary (!) available budget.

From these, the following 16 projects were approved (in whole or in part). Some were approved with a “GO, provided…” — in which additional conditions or a change in budget/size of the project were formulated by the selection committee:

The Living Moving Dining Carpet (by Trees de Backere en Sebastian Kulbaka),

Think tank : art and sound (by Angelique Campens en Raf Enckels),

Creatieve Woekerpraktijken (by Helena de Smet en Soft Connection Lab),

KES (by Ward Maas),

De Arsenaalsite als Levend Lab (by Stefanie Delarue),

Nomadic Film School (by Mieke De Wulf),

Stand Art (by Zoë Brennan/Chiara Stefanelli),

Denktank visie en curriculum textielontwerp (by Laure Van Brempt),

Mastersounds (by Ilja Van Braekel),

My heritage might one day be yours (by Bram Jespers),

Glass-in (by Maris Pajuste),

KASK SHOW(S) FASHION 2023 (werktitel) (by Tobias Van Nieuwenhove),

Summer Academy (by Anna Stoppa),

Eindejaarstentoontstelling 3BA Beeldhouwkunst (by Laura Op ‘t Eynde),

Spaces (by Filippo Gillono),

BREEKWEEK (by Miguel Nicque, Karen Van Tomme),

Some projects needed some additional clarification or were approved with additional conditions.

Keep an eye on our PORTFOLIO, where the projects will be launched in the coming weeks.