Ten Eerste, Het Laatste

What context do you need for something to come to its full potential? How do you build an environment that is responsive to your work? How can we be more in-tune with the “space” itself?

The end-of-year exhibition of the third bachelors’ sculpture ‘Ten Eerste, Het Laatste’ is an annual tradition within the programme, presenting the work of graduating sculptors in a traditional presentation within the walls of KASK. This year, the students want to build on and add to this classic concept, presenting their work to a wider audience outside the school walls for the first time. The exhibition goes beyond sculpture. It will be an interdisciplinary event where sculpture, performance, video and music meet. The project aims to collaborate with emerging artists from other disciplines and claim a place in the young cultural scene.

(c) Dimitri Nassar

Date: 15.06 – 18.06

Location: Nerdlab, Nieuwland Gent

Joning and more information via: Laura Op ‘t Eynde

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