SPINNING PLOT *Workshop Invitation*

a one week camp
taking on satellite perspectives
making scenes
within a play already playing

12.09.22-16.09.22 + 18.09.2022

We invite you to participate in our free workshop SPINNING PLOT and settle with us in the complex Tondelier site (Rabot, Ghent) for one week. Our workshop is based in the context of the participatory street opera PLOT, organised by the artist collective PILOOT, on the 18th of September. The workshop week will be held at Kunsthal Gent.

We will start from the factual fiction libretto The Orphans of Tar and its characters, learn about real estate, related artistic projects and form independent satellite perspectives of our own. We will fill a participatory programme, expand the invitation to others (+1) to join our practice, and experiment with mixing and feeding the present elements of the fiction together. Eventually, we will create scenes as an independent opening act for the opera PLOT.


For further information please see our invitation-PDF.

If you are ready spinning PLOT with us, or simply want more information, send us
a short reply/ application to: write@botschaft.page by 09.09.22

Artwork by: Vanessa Müller


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