What can you learn about yourself when sound affects you physically and psychically?

What are the possibilities that music can open for our bodies and minds outside the physical, technical or even ‘social’ constraints and barriers that a regular concert and cultural venue bring?

“Out-In” by TUUM collective is an immersive sensory experience, both physical and psychic, where the audience is guided by micro rhythms and delicate tonal changes of a minimal electroacoustic music piece. The aim is to create a shared experience between the music, space, audience and the artists. This interaction reflects in a full and rich sound in constant evolution.

The exploration is individual for each person. The micro-changes take the participant on a meditative journey where the outcome might be a strong individual learning experience. By removing normal chairs and venturing out from a concert hall we invite the visitor to find their own way around this non-traditional venue.

To add another level of meta-understanding, artists from different fields are invited to reflect on the performance and create something, with their own language, starting from what they observe and feel. These results will be kept as a form of documentation of the project.

Together with: Katelijne Malomgré and Claudio Porru.

Thanks to: S.M.O.G. for the residency.

This project will work in collaboration with Spaces by Filippo Gillono.

(c) Dimitri Nassar

Date: 04-07 July

Location: S.M.O.G. Brussels

Joning and more information via: Maris Pajuste

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