“The function of non-functionality” – rectangular cuboid

The function of non-functionality” is the most recent work of Raindo Siagian’s artistic practice. It is in the context of what the function of art may mean and based on ritual aspects of his background where he grew up.

Siagian’s work assumes that the unnecessary activity fills a gap in the daily necessity. Indeed, he relates the idea of art to that of ritualism. His complement is finding the balance in society that is also similar to a fixed routine that can recharge the soul.

The function of non-functionality is a practical folding technique with white paper that Siagian repeats daily for a fixed period and eventually collects and assembles them on a shop shelf. This installation is a constructive process whose artist associates with how the factory worker performs a repetitive act on the assembly line and how this becomes associated with ritualistic actions.

Where he comes from, namely Bali, Indonesia, many different rituals are practised, one of which is the folding of craft paper. Siagian sees this as an abstract way of experiencing art as a kind of vocation. By stripping this form of aesthetics and utility, Siagian discovers an appropriation of abstraction and the purity of the process.

His residency at the Arsenal site will routinely take place in spring. During this period, Siagian is going to fold a rectangular shape by using a simple blank paper at different sizes, signed with a unique serial number. The workspace at the site where the installation will be built is accessible each time to freely drop by, experience the work, chat about it or silently observe the work and its maker during the making process.

(c) Raindo Siagian, Aike Roodenburg & Dimitri Nassar

Date: Spring 2023

Location: Arsenaalsite

More info via: Raindo Siagian