Windproofing hall 8

Second-year undergraduate students ID and LGA are invited to abandon their familiar digital design methodology and quickly arrive at constructive and artistic solutions to make a space windproof with few resources and not in their familiar environment (brainstorming/design). And then immediately implement those ideas on site themselves (hands-on, connection with matter – gravity – stability).

Working in teams, they transcend themselves and make full-scale models (maquettes). With (partially) recovered beams, boards and slats, with ropes, tie-wraps, screws and nails, we look for constructive solutions. With construction foils and reclaimed packaging material, we look for an artistic interpretation.

We work thematically or completely individually. However, we ensure that all individual ideas come together as a whole, so that when you zoom out, a façade image emerges that also communicates. A Gestalt.

There are heights and machines. There are work tables, chalk, paper and markers… and there are teachers (Bart B., Veronique W. and Steven N.) to keep it all safe and adjust here and there. Put on your work shoes and your dirty trousers. Depending on the weather, your work jersey(s), and bring some personal tools, such as a hammer, a folding gauge, a construction pencil and work gloves. Helmets are provided. A project day is from 9am to 5pm. Bring a packed lunch and a bowl, we will provide hot soup.

Friday night we will be closing down: there will be a DJ with techno skills, there will be a bar and there will be Tomas N.: THAT MEANS A PARTY! The students of 1IV will then drop by after their project at KASK & Conservaotrium to see Hall 8 Windproof and dance.

(c) Stad Gent & Giada Cicchetti


Date: 16th, 17th and 18th of November

Location: Arsenaalsite, hall 8

Registrations and information via: Bart Brants

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