Bouffe will be a meeting performance between visual art and music  improvisation. Bouffe has the intent to create a safe space of exploration and creation in the field of multidisciplinary experimentation, composition and improvisation.

On the 27th of Septemper the first performance of this laboratory will happen in the Cirque auditorioum of KASK. During the evening a montage of original and archive videos of Family dinners will be screened while an ensemble of musicians will react to that using the soundpainting conduction.

Bouffe will be performed by:

Elodie Blume – voice
Hui-chi Li – vibraphone
Jeremy Cornil – electronics
Ghazal Faghihi – clarinet
Filippo Gillono – conduction
Leonardo Melchionda – guitar
Andrés Navarro – percussions
Marius Huguenin Dumittan – video

Thanks to:
Giovani De La Mancha – printing
Cigarra – poster


Date: 27th of September 2023

Location: Cirque Auditorium, KASK & Conservatorium, Bijloke site

More information via: Filippo Gillono

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