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The Embassy for the More-than-Human wishes to gain a better understanding of the fauna and flora of the arsenal site and its surroundings. With this information we want to explore over the next year, together with students and interested parties, how the site can develop from the needs and qualities of these stakeholders. Everyone can help us with this by submitting observations from the arsenal site and its surroundings between Thursday, September 22 and Sunday, October 9. See website and the app obsIdentify.

Tuesday morning October 4, species experts Eef Thoen (moths and birds) and Stefanie Delarue (flora) will be present and we will learn with the students how to understand the site from the fauna and flora present. Tuesday, Oct. 4, David Galens will introduce us to the world of bats at dusk (9:15 p.m.). There are always a few spots available for these experts.

These activities take place as part of a multidisciplinary minor supported by the Nomadic School of Arts and the Futures through Design research center. Throughout the academic year, students (from KASK & Conservatory and Devine) will represent and defend the more-than-human community during the temporary development of this supposedly “forgotten” industrial area. Through its presence and interventions, the embassy will bring about awareness of and sensitivity to current and future more-than-human residents.


  • Tuesday, October 4, 8h30 | Eef Thoen and Stefanie Delarue will help us understand the site from the point of view of fauna and flora. Only a few places available. Free of charge. Booking via
  • Tuesday 4 October 21h15 | walk with bat expert. Only a few places available. Free of charge. Book via
  • Anyone can enter the Arsenal site independently during public opening hours (until Oct 09). THU & FRI: 16:00 – 23:00, SAT & SUN: 14:00 – 23:00. See

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