Embassy for the More-than-Human

In the academic year 2022-2023, the minor ‘KASK&Conservatorium als een meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap’ will establish the Embassy for the More-than-Human on the Arsenaalsite, Ghent. We aim to represent and defend the more-than-human community during the temporary development of this ‘assumed derelict’ marshalling yard. Through on-site presence and interventions, the Embassy will realize awareness of and sensitivity towards the current and future more-than-human inhabitants.   

BECOME AN AMBASSADOR and enrichen your artistic practice by exploring paths to ‘stay with the trouble’. Revive our deep-rooted kinship with all that lives and develop new stories of entanglement. As an ambassador, you will be responsible for the diplomatic relations the more-than-human community on the Arsenaalsite develops with the other residents and users. How will this community represent itself, intervene on the site, defend its use, develop partnerships, …? 

Students of the KASK&Conservatorium can register for this minor as usual: through iBamaflex ‘KASK&Conservatorium als een meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap’ under the Nomadic School of Arts, or contact your academic advisor.   

For further enquiries contact bert.deroo@hogent.be 

This embassy is organized within a multidisciplinary minor supported by the Nomadic School of Arts and the research center Futures through Design. 

Artwork: Giliam Antonie Ganzevles

Date: Academic year 2022-2023

Location: Arsenaalsite Gent and KASK & Conservatorium Campus Bijloke

Registrations and information via: Bert De Roo



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