Through making, a spontaneous, and often particularly intense dialogue with local residents and residents arises. The students of it in an added value ed that they can step outside the school walls as well as outside their artistic bubble. The social, societal context is tasted.

During 3 days, as part of the expo MIRROR MIRROR (Dr. Guislain Museum and Momu Antwerp), fashion students will design a construction in the museum using spatial textile connections taught to them. This will take place during the project week, from November 16 to 18, 2022. In the design, the students must build in a dependency so that they can execute their design only with the help of the visitors. These visitors are local residents as well as vulnerable groups from our society. While making, the students will discover what inclusion means, what it means to (try to) connect. Can the language of making together be a connecting and healing factor?

What does it mean for the co-makers to take part in this, what kind of dialogues will arise here?

After the project week, the students’ creations will remain on display in the museum, and a reflection report of the collaboration will be prepared.

(c) Giada Cicchetti & Aaron Lapeirre


Date: Projectweek I, 16-18 November 2022

Location: Dr. Guislain Museum

More info via: Helena De Smet

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