Dr. Guislain Museum

In everything the Guislain does, psychological well-being is at the center. We are the oxygen, firing up dialogue and breaking the stigma. A welcoming place for young people, immediate or distant neighbors and dreamers. We are contrarian, utopian, brutal, creative and playful. Every voice counts. Against the grain. Only in this way is and will the Guislain be a unique laboratory, an abrasive experience, an international kick in the ass.

About the museum

Tucked away in the heart of Ghent’s Bloemekes neighborhood among working-class houses, hides our country’s most disruptive museum. A visit to the Museum Dr. Guislain is much more than a look at a medical collection or local history, but an unforgettable experience. In an ever-changing narrative, past and present intertwine and science and history connect effortlessly with the great and lesser known arts. It pushes illusions and stereotypes about illness, health and the arts to the extreme. Mental health is not an endeavor of specialized hospitals, not a work of psychologists and psychiatrists alone, but of artists and our entire culture. The world needed a pandemic to realize this. People need people to feel healthy.

Dr. Guislain Museum supported Making-Connecting-Healing.

Website: https://www.museumdrguislain.be/