Nomadic masterclass Curatorial studies

Nomadic Masterclass: Oceanic thinking, hydrofeminism, and other liquid ways of seeing 

Specifically for: Curatorial studies

This nomadic masterclass looks at how water has entered exhibition making, in ocean-themed exhibitions, or in works that emphasize water as our connection to the world. As part of a decolonial framing of the world, new narratives of history have developed that include the oceanic territory as a place that influenced global history and our identities through (slave) trade and war. The connection between water in the landscape and water in our bodies is emphasised in hydrofeminism, a way of thinking that sees humans as part of a large hydraulic environment, as one of many organisms that depend on water for life, connected to the world through cycles of fluids. A challenge could be this: how to develop a new perspective on Antwerp, that is not based on land but on water?  

The Nomadic masterclass has four phases: immersion, curatorial research, feedback (o.a. with Heidi Ballet) and presentation (by CS participants). 

The Nomadic masterclass is a cooperation between: Sint Lucas Antwerpen School of Arts, Extra City, FOMU Antwerpen, Curatorial Studies KASK & Conservatorium/ School of Arts.

Supported by the Nomadic School of Arts.

Within the framework of the Nomadic School of Art aimed at developing innovative educational methods, Curatorial Studies translates the format of the masterclass (often 2-5 consecutive days) into an educational format that runs through the time span of an academic year and is set in different locations. The aim is to go beyond the mere thematic in favor of more sustainable engagements, embedding concerns with curatorial questions around ecology, decolonisation and intersectional feminism more thoroughly within the programme’s DNA.  

Image: Still from So Tired the Sea…, directed by Astrida Neimanis

Date: Academic year 2022-2023

Location: KASK & Conservatorium and the port of Antwerp.

More information: Laura Herman, Anna Stoppa or Godart Bakkers.