Living Dining Moving Carpet

“With this project we want to take back our relationship with humans and plants, and see possible ways of symbiosis between them. To do so, we are creating three carpets that can put this research into practice.

Before becoming decorations for interiors, carpets have been used as objects that nomads could bring  with them during their travels. They were usually decorated with vegetal designs to remind the nomads of their homes when traveling in harsh land. Plants meant home to travelers, and their carpets were nomadic zones of comfort.

Moving from this idea, we plan to realize an alternative carpet, made of textiles as of real plants. Through production of the artwork, the activation, and a final exhibition with a public program to discuss the theme, we want to explore new relationship models between human beings and plants.

The first period consists of the physical creation of the carpets and photographic documentation of the process. Then we start the research for suitable plants that can survive in a soil-free environment. Getting the assistance of an expert will be decisive in understanding which steps to take. The third period consists of finding a suitable space for the three carpets. A curator will help us to present the work to associations, institutions and museums that could possibly host our work.

What kind of symbiosis do we create around the plants? What happens during this process of sitting down on the carpet? Are the plants conscious about our presence? Are we part of their environment?

Involved are:Steve Anaert en Stef Van Bellingen

Date: 22 en 23 september 2023

Location: BLANCO

More info via: Sebastian Kulbaka