Open call 2: deadline!

This academic year, under the impetus of het voorsprongfonds, KASK & Conservatorium is working on the project the Nomadic School of Arts up untill September 2023. Within the framework of nomadic thinking and learning, KASK & Conservatory will build up substantive, practical, methodological and infrastructural educational expertise that will be deployed both oncampus and offcampus. This period is thereby conceived as an experimentation and proof-of-concept phase, a significant part of which will take place off-campus. By developing places for creation, presentation and participation outside the school walls, in collaboration with various stakeholders, we wish on the one hand to broaden our horizons and on the other hand to make the school and existing and new pathways more accessible. ANYONE is welcome to contribute to this by submitting projects, thinking along or lending a hand!

Monday, the 10th of October, 2022 (11:59pm) is already the deadline of the second round for submitting (experimental) projects and activities for the Nomadic School of Arts! Download the template, fill it out and send it to

Your project will be judged by criteria such as relevance, need, community building and impact, its relationship to education, reasonableness, sustainability and innovation. The selection team (project leader Joris Blanckaert, project coordinator Aike Roodenburg, educational developer Valérie Smet and program curriculum chairs Jan Steen and Gustavo Mullhal) will review all applications with care, prepare an overview and will provide feedback on the projects by the end of October. More questions about the requirements? Be sure to check the website and/or the team page and read the extra notes.

Would you like to consult with the coordinator, have another question or want more information? Then come to Cirque on Tuesday the 4th of October, between 12:30 and 14:00! During the first week of classes, the coordinator will also try to come to classes as much as possible for an extra word of explanation. Basic information about the Nomadic School can also be found here.

Would you like examples of projects that have already been submitted? Then be sure to check out our portfolio on the website. For example, last summer we already organized a Bootcamp Music, some alumni provided a workshop SPINNING PLOT and we organized a reception at the Arsenal site.