Results project round 2

On the 10th of October deadline, 16 projects came in, from all courses. In the following weeks, the project team (Joris Blanckaert, Aike Roodenburg, Valérie Smet, Jan Steen and Gustavo Mullhal) looked at each application and assessed them on criteria such as relevance, necessity, community building and impact, educational activity, reasonableness, sustainability and innovation. They also took into account the conditions of het Voorsprongfonds, the predefined outlines, the objectives of the project and the temporary (!) available budget. Some projects needed some additional explanation. The following projects were accepted (in full or partial versions) (in order of submission):

To let you know in advance: The last round of projects ends on the 16th of January 2023!


Project Contact person Student / teacher / research / staff Betrokken traject
Think thank on experiencing art in the public space Angelique Campens Teacher Fine arts and others
No Barriers for Music Maarten Weyler Teacher JP en MP
Herdenken/hervormen Textiel Toont Textiel Joanna Reuse Teacher BA & MA Textile design
Micro degree Interieurvormgeving Sandy De Wolf en Mieke Van de Woestyne Teacher Interior design
Plastramen Barsenaal Bart Brants Teacher Interior design
Please Close Your Eyes Anders Herrebaut en Anita Cappuccinelli Students Classical music (manama) and Fine arts
Toiletten als ontmoetingsplaats Charlotte Callens Student Fashion 3BA
Nomadic Knowledge Platform Wolfgang Tant Student Autonomous Design
Beweeglijke bieb Suzy Castermans Staff Arts Library (all)
Untitled Raindo Siagian Student MA Fine arts, performance