Reflection Day Nomadic School: That’s it, (no) more?

SAVE THE DATE | Thursday 27 April from 15:00 – 17:30 | Reflection afternoon Nomadic School of Arts: That’s it, (no) more? @ De Zwarte Zaal

We would like to reflect together on the strengths and weaknesses of our project, the potential of nomadic experimentation and the experience gained so far.

It is an afternoon of exchange and meeting, concluded with an informal drink.


  • 15:00: General intro from project team (plenary)
  • 15:20: Presentation moment nomadic projects/experiments
  • 16:20: Roundtable discussions around three propositions:
      • Nomadism, education and artistry: Has the NSA enriched one’s own teaching/artistic practice? Or does the project have the potential to do so? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not?
      • The future of Nomadic School of Arts: Should the NSA have a place within the school? If yes, why and how? If no, why not?
      • Strengths and weaknesses of the Nomadic School of Arts through the eyes of participants, organisers, interested parties…
  • 17:05: Plenary feedback
  • 17:20: Summary and conclusion.
  • 17:30: Drink!

This afternoon is for anyone who…:

  • submitted and executed a nomadic project themselves,
  • ever participated as a student in a nomadic project/activity (minor, other teaching activity, project week, extra-curricular assignment…)
  • has been involved as an external in one of the nomadic projects/activities (teacher, jury member, spectator);
  • is interested in the developments of the Nomadic School of Arts.

Will you please let us know if you are coming? Quickly fill in the form:

via this link!

Hope to see you then!

Warm regards,

on behalf of the Nomadic School of Arts project team