LEJO vzw

LEJO is a team of staff, volunteers, a board of directors, … each of these people help to empower our young people.

In Ghent there is a focus on young people in residential groups and young people who are making the step to adulthood.

Young people in (special) youth care have an equal right to free time and a place in youth work. Unfortunately, we do not see them often (enough) in our youth work. However, we are convinced that free time and youth work can be a very strong springboard in their lives! That is why LEJO, in cooperation with the youth service of Ghent, is focusing on these young people in order to strengthen their right to free time. And also to help young people towards their next steps into adulthood.

Lejo vzw was a partner realising PANDGANG during the project week It’s About Time!

Website: https://lejo.be/ 

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