De St. Bernadettewijk

St. Bernadettewijk in St. Amandsberg will be demolished as from this summer. Wat remains is a large and open area, a fallow site full of possibilities (two football fields)! In spring 2023 it will be a vast green area, that will remain uncultivated for at least four years. The neighbourhood wants to create this into a connecting space.

What does the St. Bernadettewijk have to offer? Two schools nearby (educational projects!), a parc and ‘scouts’, a church and the Nova centre (500 people max.). They themselves are asking for more cultural offerings for the schools, but they also have some strong admirers: one is working on a meeting place in the public space, another is developing a green trail, a pleasant walking and discovery route for the neighbourhood, and the third is researching the possibilities for a community centre.

Other players: in addition to community work, a local service centre, neighbourhood police, street corner officers and the Broad School, Masala vzw and Sportaround also provide important services in the neighbourhood.

Do you have an idea for a project or activity at the St. Bernadettewijk? Submet your idea then quickly or as for more info at Aike!