Timelab provides examples of small and large changes. These inspire, prompt dialogue and encourage new perspectives. Timelab offers time, space and reflection for a society in motion.

We stand for spatial resilience. Not just architectural or physical space, but cultural, social and intellectual space. Our spatial awareness stimulates our critical voice and self-reflection. Our place breathes the soul of our work and shows the scars of a world in all its complexity.

We see its role as a dramatist: making connections in the multi-perspective of the cross-sectoral approach, creating a story that inspires. Our place is our anchor, our research ground, our interlocutor.

We bring our insights together in the ambition to share experience in a practical and self-reflective way.

In our relationships, we do not shy away from confrontation and continue to seek connections between present, past, people and sectors. We work to provide a thorough record of our research and remain curious, amazed and driven to learn about different views.

Based on expert and sustainable experiments, together with a powerful and broad network of partners, we imagine what the world could look like.

Our building provides the space for these developments.

Timelab served as the location and collaborative partner for Denktank visie en curriculum Textielontwerp en Creatieve Woekerpraktijken

Website: https://timelab.org