The Nomadic Phenomenon of Alternative Museum Making

The Nomadic Phenomenon of Alternative Museum Making: (Re)imagining what a museum is and can be, is a research project that questions whether museums can exist outside the institutions.

The Nomadic Phenomenon of Alternative Museum Making forms the theoretical and practical framework of Rainy Siagian research as an attempt to bridge the gap between the traditional museum methods and the current new and challenging ways of exhibiting. The research emphasizes the relationship between the space, the object it inhabits, the viewers, and how these entities affect and activate one another.

With this research Siagian endeavors to answer the following questions, from its architectural, sociological, cultural, and economical perspectives: What does the idea of becoming a nomadic museum entail?; How can museums create an infrastructure that makes the space nomadically and artists use this form as a way of communication?; How can we critically question the power structures inherent in alternative museum-making?; Who are the other key actors that co-determining or co-constitutes of becoming a ‘nomadic museum’?; What does it mean for an artist to leave the museum space?; How to conceptualize such ‘rootless’ art spaces? And how does the object it inhabits change from context?; How can a museum become nomadic?. 

The Nomadic Phenomenon of Alternative Museum Making is open to collaborations, which is vital for the development of the research, this to create a space where new ideas and critical thinking can be exchanged between practitioners. Contact Rainy Siagian at