Par Hasard

Par Hasard asbl was created in 2020 as a two-legged non-profit organisation of three people.

On the one hand, Par Hasard makes work (theatre) from text, image and sound. In its own work, Par Hasard always tries to question reality in a playful, funny and strongly verbal way.

Par Hasard also has a platform through which it curates the work of young talented artists. The Platform takes the form of a tour through the work of colleagues we always reach through an open call.

Par Hasard connects its own work to people, people to each other; and makes connections between our work and colleagues, out of faith in each other and a curiosity about the other.

Par Hasard searches and digs frantically, thinks along, makes, shows, shares and in this way is an active player in the Flemish Arts landscape.

Par Hasard is always open to collaborations. A Par Hasard in your neighbourhood, or another interesting project? Contact them via their website.


Picture by: Elisa Maenhout