Paadmaan* (meaning ‘safeguard’ in Farsi) is an independent artist-run platform for contemporary art with an interdisciplinary approach founded at 2018, in Tehran by artist-curator Foad Alijani. Through a variety of curatorial programming Paadmaan seeks to expand on existing discourses surrounding contemporary art within various Iranian communities, support their input and transform output.

Paadmaan aims to proceed networking locally and internationally and constitute an archive of contemporary art by focusing on research, dialogue, presentation and promotes these by organizing exhibitions, events, lectures, screenings and publications.

Picnic is an offside-space project/program/event series, being on the move between visual arts, science and environmental issues. It is challenging on human needs, phenomenology and changing the regulation form of presenting art.

* [in vocabulary] Paadmaan in Persian means “safeguard”. In the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, safeguards are intended to protect indigenous peoples and other local communities with traditional knowledge of natural resource management within efforts towards reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.


Are you interested in learning more about Paadmaan, Foad Alijani or Picnic? Then contact the coördinator, who will bring you in contact.