The project Spaces consists of an installation of daily use objects, traditional or invented instruments, and sound sculptures.

The installation takes place at the  Arsenaalsite in a form of an happening. Objects of different nature are displaced in a perimeter of 50 square meters: “Here on a table you can find a tea service with some biscuits and a hot beverage, hunged there’s some wind chimes and DIY aleatoric sounds sculptures.” In the middle of the space there is a wooden box playing some sort of long tones (it’s a feedback box I will create in collaboration with a young artisan). Other intuitive instruments and objects are settled all around.

Every object you find in the perimeter has not to be part of the context of the space where the installation is displayed.

For around 3 hours passers-by are invited to explore the area and make the space alive.

There are also some white paper sheets on a table and many coloured pencils and pens. People are invited to leave a thought in any kind of form or language.

In the space there is a spot where people can have some food and beverage.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Tuum Collective’s OUT-IN and the instrument maker Albert Reyer Spaans.

Date: tbd

Location: Arsenaalsite

Joning and more information via: Filippo Gillono