KASK SHOW(S) FASHION is an initiative created from within the students. We work with a horizontal structure. The project is for and by all students. And this year we want to turn out with a fashion happening on the Arsenal site. The idea that fashion can be presented via one method (e.g. just a catwalk or just an expo) no longer corresponds to the conviction that has arisen within the study programme. Because of the versatility of our programme and of the students, we must also take a multifaceted approach to presentation.

We want to create a platform that supports and highlights all facets of our fashion education. With an ever-changing view and approach to fashion as a medium, we feel the need for a platform that can evolve together with the students and their work. This is the place we want to create on the Arsenal site. Specifically, we want to offer a classic catwalk, an expo and all possible forms in between. What forms of curating/exposing are on the interface between moving and stationary, between catwalk and expo? We want to work with lesser-known forms of presentation to offer students a broader view of presentation. This will be done with the support of a group of experts who will guide us both (in terms of content) in the run-up to the happening and others who will support us (practically) during the build-up.

Date: Saturday the 24th of June 2023

Location: De Arsenaalsite

More information via: Tobias Van Nieuwenhove en Liesbeth Louwyck